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Framing Services in Phoenix, AZ

A little about us
We will ask questions about your project, the environment it will be displayed in, and your preferences in design and decor. We will suggest options in design and price based on years of experience in frame design, and what we have heard from you, with the aim of elevating your artwork and delighting your senses.

Seeing all of the choices available can be overwhelming, but don't fear, we will help narrow down the choices to make the perfect vehicle for your artwork. You can also just look around to see what inspires you. It can be like going to a candy shop- you may fall in love with a frame, and then need to find the art that will go into it.
  • We have been serving the neighborhood's homeowners and businesses for almost twenty years.
  • We have over 3000 corner samples and hundreds of mats to choose from.
  • We have prices to fit every budget.
  • We have unique photo frames available.
  • Consultations are free.
  • Bulk discounts are available. Repeat business is rewarded.
Frames - Phoenix, AZ | The Art Of Framing
Frames - Phoenix, AZ | The Art Of Framing
Frames - Phoenix, AZ | The Art Of Framing
Our Services:
  • Residential framing
  • Corporate framing
  • Conservation framing
  • Canvas stretching
  • Fabric wrapping for mats and liners
  • Fillets
  • Shadowboxes
  • Memorabilia boxes
  • Closed corner frame
  • Dry mounting
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Frame repair
Wide selection of mats and fabric including:
  • Bainbridge
  • Crescent
  • Peterboro
  • Artique
  • Framing Fabrics
  • Raphael's
  • Silks Unlimited
Huge selection of frame molding including:
  • Roma
  • Fotiou
  • Larson Juhl
  • CMI
  • Studio
  • Valley
  • Omega
  • Max
  • Nurre Caxton
  • Direct Moulding
  • Designer Moulding
  • Ampf
  • APF
  • AMCI
  • American Choice
  • Universal/ Arquati
  • J Orr
  • Gryphon/ Royal
  • Bella
  • Guerrini
  • Southwest Molding
  • Picture Woods
  • In Line Ovals
  • Foster Mill
  • Engelson
  • Colorplak
  • Rustic Creations